Gradient boosting machine (GBM) explained

Introduction: Weak learner, strong learner and misclassification rate & loss function This article will describe the intuition behind GBM, its iterations and few important mathematical equations. Gradient Boosting (and XGBoost) is a machine learning algorithm from the family of boosting technique. The idea behind the boosting technique is to boost the performance of the weak learner (regressor or classifier) into a strong learner by learning from … Continue reading Gradient boosting machine (GBM) explained

Twitter data mining using Python and R

Introduction This post will introduce you to the data mining techniques in Python and R. This process consist of retrieving data (tweets) from the twitter website and analysing the tweets for a pattern. The whole process broadly follows two steps: Retrieving data from twitter Analysing the data for pattern and sentiment Retrieving data from twitter Twitter has developed an API which helps programming language like R … Continue reading Twitter data mining using Python and R